Finding Il Volo~ Patrizia Ciava

Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love

Below was a comment to a post titled “As Only John can Tell it, With “Joy and Warmth”.   It was at the end of the comments so most of you did not get a chance to read it.  Patrizia Ciava (Trishadria) added a few lines and gave her permission to post.  It’s that “finding Il Volo” story we all love. So enjoy! 〰Marie


I discovered Il Volo only a few weeks ago. I don’t usually watch TV and I’ve never followed talent shows like Sanremo, so I didn’t know they had won in 2015. One evening in October, I was zapping through tv channels and I fell on the replica of the Florence concert “Tribute to the three tenors” broadcasted by Channel 5; I was mesmerized, unable to tear myself away from the screen until the end of the concert. “Who the hell are these guys!?!” I wondered…

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