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John From CT

The moment that I had been waiting for since last October had finally arrived. My first Il Volo concert!

My career as an ilvolover began exactly a year ago when a group of coworkers and I decided to learn Italian. I wanted our lesson plans to include topics of interest and all of us agreed that “traditional Italian music” should be a part of our studies. My first Google search produced a YouTube video of “O Sole Mio” by you-know-who. Before this moment, I had never even heard of Il Volo, and when I sat down with my fellow students to watch a couple of videos of the guys, everyone was floored. The rest as they say, is history.

The Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT is the perfect venue for this type of event, with a 4600 seat auditorium which is wider than it is deeper…

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment. I cannot stress how much this group has influenced my life as well as that of my family and friends. Through them, we are learning about and experiencing so many aspects of Italian culture. I am now in the process of studying the songs on “Una Notte Magica” and learning more every day! In case you are not aware, my review was translated into Italian by another blogger and distributed in Italy earlier this year.

    Grazie mille per il tuo commento. Non posso sottolineare quanto questo gruppo ha influenzato la mia vita così come quella della mia famiglia e gli amici. Attraverso di loro, stiamo imparando e sperimentando così tanti aspetti della cultura italiana. Ora sono in procinto di studiare le canzoni di “Una Notte Magica” e imparando ogni giorno di più! Nel caso in cui non sono a conoscenza, la mia recensione è stato tradotto in italiano da un altro blogger e distribuito in Italia all’inizio di quest’anno.

    Here is the link:

    "Mi piace"

    • Dear John,
      I discovered Il Volo only a few weeks ago but since then I’ve filled the gap and I think there are no videos of Il Volo on Youtube that I have not seen, including interviews and the videos dedicated to them by young (and not so young ) fans. I don’t usually watch TV and I’ve never followed talent shows like Sanremo, so I didn’t know they had won in 2015. One evening in October, I was zapping through tv channels and I fell on the replica of the Florence concert “Tribute to the three tenors” broadcasted by Channel 5; I was mesmerized, unable to tear myself away from the screen until the end of the concert. “Who the hell are these guys!?!” I wondered in awe.
      In fact, I should take a step back, because in 2012 my students at the University of Hong Kong, where I was teaching, asked me if we could study the words of their songs and I had to admit I’d never heard of them. They were astonished, as they were convinced that the group was very famous in Italy too. Unfortunately in China youtube and FB were often banned, so I couldn’t do a research. I remember that I brought to the class the lyrics of “Vivo per lei” sung by Bocelli and Giorgia instead.
      But it was only after watching another TV program focused on Il Volo that same night, right after the concert, that I realized that those three amazingly talented young men were the same group my students has asked me about. So I was curious to know more about them and the next day I started searching the net for reviews and articles and found a shameful article written by a self-declared critic called Monina, which practically insulted the trio and those who appreciated them. I was outraged and I decided to write an article too; I talked to the director of Il Sussidiario, a national newspaper for which I occasionally write on cultural issues, and they gave me the green light after consulting the head of the music column.
      So I started watching reruns of their countless concerts on Youtube. In the beginning it was to get to know them and understand the reasons for their immense success everywhere in the world, later it was to try to understand why they were having such an effect on me. Because the more I listened to them the more I felt an irresistible desire, almost a need, to listen to them over and over again. In my article on this blog I wrote, jokingly, that they have only one flaw: they can cause addiction. And I have to say that I have experienced this “side effect” myself. I’m not a young girl, I went unscathed through the era of the Rolling Stones, the Queen and Pink Floyd, so I couldn’t make out why they exerted such a strong and strange attraction on me. Of course they have gorgeous soaring voices, but it couldn’t be just that, there are other talented singers with beautiful voices that don’t have the same effect on me. It is not even linked to their music genre, because I am not particularly fond of opera and I enjoy listening to them singing all types of songs, from melodic to opera arias. After hearing their versions of songs I love like “Angel”, “My Way”, “Memory” or “Bridge Over Troubled Water” the original versions seem dull and insipid to me.
      Then, reading the comments at the bottom of the videos I realized that many people of all ages feel the same way, the most frequent comments are: “I listen to them every day and I feel happy, they make me feel good”. I found a particularly poignant testimony: “I listen to them and they give me so much joy and serenity. I’ll tell you something confidentially; I have a sister who unfortunately suffers from Parkinson, with all the problems connected to this disease, but since I gave her albums of Il Volo including the last one when she has a crisis, especially at night, she listens to them and it calms her down. In my case now I am too addicted to Il Volo. We are not young girls, but with a passion for beautiful music including pop music.”
      In the review of a concert a US journalist wrote: “Some came to the concert out of curiosity, to find out why all the fuss about Il Volo, but when the trio starts to sing it’s as if a spell is cast on the audience.” And another journalist, reviewing the New York concert, said almost the same thing: “And while there may be plenty of skeptics out there who do not like or understand “operatic-pop, rest assured that when Il Volo let out their first notes it’s as if they cast a spell “.
      So it’s an extraordinary and mysterious feeling most of us experience and share while listening to them, but it’s difficult to explain it in words.

      "Mi piace"

    • Dear John,

      I am publishing on this blog some #ilvolovers testimonies of how they discovered Il Volo for the first time. I would like to insert your story as well and I am asking for your permission to translate part of it into Italian (the whole article would be too long), with a link to the English version on the Flightcrew page. Let me know if it’s ok with you. Thank you. Patrizia

      "Mi piace"

  2. con vera gioia ho scoperto la testimonianza di John riguardo l’ esperienza che ha avuto nel suo primo concerto con Il Volo. John descrive in maniera dettagliata, sei seduto con lui al concerto mentre ascolta, fai la fila al Meet and Greet mentre attende, incontri con lui i tre ragazzi quando finalmente arriva da loro! anche la tua risposta a John, Patrizia, mi è stata molto utile, perché, anche se molte cose le sapevo già, penso tu non avessi mai offerto un quadro così completo del tuo percorso verso il Volo, dal casuale ascolto alla tv italiana, alla completa resa alla magia che ti ha soggiogata, che ci ha in tanti soggiogati! questo input di studiare l’ Italiano che a molti viene ascoltando i testi delle canzoni è davvero una cosa straordinaria, mi ricorda quando da ragazzina cercavo di usare il mio modesto Inglese scolastico per capire i testi delle canzoni dei Beatles e dei Rolling Stones, che adoravo. In effetti, il potere della musica è immenso, penso che neppure il più potente dei tiranni potrebbe mai detenere sulle masse una chiave così penetrante ed universale per i cuori e le menti di tutti, come un brano musicale che ti sconvolge l’anima, che può farti sentire gioioso, triste, esaltato, appassionato, nostalgico, patetico! questo aspetto poi che possa indurre anche ad imparare una lingua straniera per poter capire meglio le magie e tutti i significati dei testi nelle loro pieghe più minute è davvero straordinario! ed in effetti, se ci riflettiamo, il capire il testo di una canzone aiuta a capirne meglio anche l’armonia, la liricità, il ritmo! Dunque essere ambasciatori della canzone italiana nel mondo, come il Volo effettivamente è, non è una cosa di modesto significato, un ruolo limitato al fatto che tre cantanti italiani se ne vanno in giro per il mondo per presentare se stessi e la propria bravura, non ha insomma un significato solo ” di palcoscenico”, ma rientra in quella grande operazione di diffusione di un’immagine positiva dell’italianità, in cui tu, Patrizia, sei così coinvolta, ma in cui tutti noi dovremmo sentirci coinvolti!

    "Mi piace"

  3. Come sempre hai mirabilmente riassunto e messo in luce gli aspetti più importanti del mio discorso, Valeria. Comunque continuo ad interrogarmi sui motivi di questa strana “dipendenza” che coglie tanti dei loro ascoltatori e non riesco davvero a capire quali elementi si combinano per operare questo sortilegio. Stamattina, mentre cercavo il video di “Sin Ti” che mi avevi segnalato sono capitata su una loro canzone che stranamente non avevo mai ascoltato. In effetti non l’hanno mai cantata in concerto. Da stamattina l’avrò ascoltata una ventina di volte, l’ho scaricata e sono andata a fare shopping di Natale con la cuffia nelle orecchie, sentendomi alquanto ridicola ma incapace di resistere, “ancora una volta e poi smetto” mi dicevo, quasi fossi in astinenza da fumo o alcool. E non voglio nemmeno nasconderti che ho versato qualche lacrima perché la interpretano in maniera così struggente che mi ha fatto ripensare alle persone care che non ci sono più. Si intitola: “Ricordami”

    "Mi piace"

  4. “Ricordami” è un’altra perla tra le interpretazioni del Volo. La conosco perché è contenuta, nella versione italiana, nel cd L’amore si muove, e nella versione spagnola, Recuerdame nel cd e DVD Live a Pompei! è davvero struggente, come dici tu! Stranamente nei concerti non gliel’ho mai sentita interpretare, tranne che a Pompei!

    "Mi piace"


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